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A large part of the enjoyment of cycling is being in the great outdoors,
and cycle camping can seem a very natural extension of that. On our camping tours the camaraderie of the group makes the spirit of the day last longer as everyone relives the events of the day in an open space, rather than disappearing behind closed doors in a hotel. Watching the sun set while sipping a glass of wine or a cup of tea with friends, waking to the sound of birds twittering in the trees and having breakfast sitting in the sunshine can really make your day!
Yes, you have a bit more luggage to carry, but it's practically unnoticeable unless climbing up a mountain, and even then using a lower gear and slightly slower pace will keep it from being a struggle.

  Shropshire for Families        no places availableRef: 1703
  Edinburgh & the Scottish Borders          2+ 
27th May 2017 (Sat) - 3rd June 2017 : 8 days£160
Moderate + ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
Starting in Edinburgh and moving into the Borders before finishing in East Lothian, less than 20 miles from Edinburgh. Cross the Forth Road Bridge and view the new bridge and the famous rail bridge, visit the Abbey towns in the Borders and travel through East Lothian, famous for its golf courses and fine agricultural heritage. Excellent train links to/from Edinburgh.
Leader: Brian P CurtisRef: 1718
  France, The Vercors & Rhône Valley        no places availableRef: 1720
  Kyrgyz Republic        no places availableRef: 1728
  Devon & Dorset Coast          2   
24th June 2017 (Sat) - 1st July 2017 : 8 days£180
Moderate ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
Ride beside the River Exe before visiting Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth and Seaton on the Devon Coast followed by Dorset's Eype Beach, Poole Harbour and Christchurch. Follow quiet roads and cycle paths with shorter distances planned on the days when there are more challenging hills to climb.
Leader: Colin WardRef: 1729
  Wales, Pembrokeshire           3   
8th July 2017 (Sat) - 15th July 2017 : 8 days£170
Enthusiast ABTOT   
Moving-on  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
Circular tour starting and finishing on the Gower Peninsula, designated 50 years ago as the first ever Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Travel inland towards Cardigan then cycle around some of Britain's most spectacular coastline via St David's, Carew Castle and Tenby. Approx. 35mpd in undulating terrain, carrying own camping gear. Start/finish accessible from Swansea Station.
Leader: Matthew WrightRef: 1772
  France/Holland, North Sea Cycle Route          2+ 
13th August 2017 (Sun) - 25th August 2017 : 13 days£290
Moderate + ABTOT   
Moving-on, Rest days  :  Land-only  :  Camping  :  Self catering  :  Carry own luggage
An unsupported camping tour using the North Sea Cycle Route (LF1). Cycle from Guines 10km south of Calais through Belgium to Amsterdam in Holland. Two-night stays at 4 campsites allows for cycling without luggage or rest days. The terrain will range from flat-lands and river valleys to rolling hills.
Leader: Fleur WoolleyRef: 1737

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